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Short Stories:

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From Easton Cemetery

Written By Beth Seetch

Two young weeds
Bully the grass
One leans backward
One bares ass

Two brown husks
Hide by the fence
One has seeds
One has sense

The rain comes down
And pounds them to mud
Nobody cares
Where they run in the flood

The Delaware eddies
To the Lehigh dam
I’m on a hill
I know where I am

I found you

Written by Ken Coleman

I found you last night
You were warm
I could feel your heart race
When we embraced
I could smell you
The scent of a million flowers
It was heaven’s scent
We kissed
The longest deepest kiss
We held each other so close
We became one
Our bodies joined
We made love
In the air
Then you were gone
I woke up
But I could still feel you deep in my heart.


Written by Tom Fenning

To watch a sunrise
And then see it set
In this harried life
It’s as good as it gets
God must know
The pleasure it bestows
To all His children
He created here below.

There are many
Who say
There’s no God
To whom we do pray
And without Him
Our surroundings
Would be here anyway,

Worlds collided
There was a big bang
And from the din
And confusion
This wonderment sprang.

How utterly ridiculous
It would be
Of me
To conceive
An explosion
Making a tree.

My love

Written by Lamar Cole

My love sails on blue waters.
Blue waters of your heart.
My love dances on the wind.
The wind of your soul.

My love is a true reflection.
Reflection of your eyes.
My love will live forever.
In your body and soul.

Fire of hate

Falicia Colprit

Wind blowing my hair off my shoulders.
Blowing the heat of the fire towards me.
Picking up the ashes of my loved ones.A thick black cloud forms around me.
A feel a slap of a hand print on my back.I cry for the ones that I have lost in the fire of my hate.
Thoughts fill my mind.
I could have stopped it.
Why did I like it take over? I feel the razor and my wrist.
I feel the hot red blood running off my arm.
It will be over soon.